We believe sustainability should be:

Practical:  Sustainability needs to be actionable! We take you one step at a time, so it feels totally doable! Lots of steps add up to ripples of impact! 

Economical:  You need to convince that all-important, and often powerful, bottom line-focused decision maker, so we provide tools for selling stakeholders your impact ideas.

Approachable: There's too much blaming and shaming. We want you to feel good about the next step, not bad for the previous ones. We invite all into the conversation by making it positive and inclusive.

Celebrated:  We applaud every plate of food donated, every email you didn’t print, every day you take public transportation, and every time you show up to learn. We love to elevate and amplify those doing good, no matter how small their efforts.

Enjoyable: Sustainability is an uphill battle. We can't change that, but as we climb the mountain, we want to experience growth, comradery, fun, enlightenment, inspiration, and joy. We focus on teamwork, relationships, learning, exploration, and discovery. 

Sustainability is a journey. We hope you allow us to guide you along the way.